Longterm-Forecast: Dez 2016: 20.000 ? / Dez 2017: 23.000 ?

FX:JPN225   Nikkei 225 index of Japanese listed shares
404 4 35
Does this tiny Double Bottom @ 14.700 fire the starting pistol for "THE BIG MOVE"?
The consolitading downtrend since August is still present and dominant. Prices above 16.400 will challenge this trend.
At this Niveau, the next longterm buy-Trigger is based: The EMA 200! Will Nikkei break through that MA, the next target could be 17.900.
Should that Niveau also be overcomed, the Double Bottom is triggered and active --> this would generate a TP @ 19.500-20.000.
The following TP could be the last bigger Top @ 21.000.
Above that Level, a longterm breakout-Szenario is thinkable.
Prices below 14.500 will strenghten the downtrend