L B C - another great seed for the year

BITTREX:LBCBTC   LBRY Credits / Bitcoin
A small bet in this coin could leave you rolling in the bitcoins later! This is available on and a few other exchanges. It requires more hoops to buy compared to a coin like Ethereum or Lite Coin, due to it only being available on fewer exchanges. This suppresses the price longer then the big cap coins. The money will flow in to the exchanges as the hype grows and people become more educated through the season. When they get to bittrex, the small market cap coins, such as LBC , that can be effected by smaller values of bitcoin and usd. That's what makes these crazy multiples against bitcoin possible... February is early days... There are many explosions in the crypto world to come!

Nano , MEME, LBC , SC , HBAR, DOGE(done) = my riskiest and highest earning coins that makes up about 1/4 of my portfolio
Trade active:
Trade active:
Continued tightening, possible big move soon