Don´t lose money - it's not worth it

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Am I really doing this ?
Yes I apparently, evidently and unilaterally am.

Let's do the mother of all fu©k ups and 'assume' a trader has put <pronoun> savings in LUNA right before it dumped.
(not even really an 'assumption' people do this constantly)
$1000 worth at $100 entry price .. that is 10 'shares'.
<Pronoun> probably panic sold well before the dead corpse (probably one of Schrödinger's entangled cats) hit the floor.

What <pronoun> should have done instead..
wait for the dust from the impact to settle.

Then average down, buy another large quantity (where does a poor schmuck get that from ? I don´t know .. ask Marie Antoinette "Let them trade cake" or next time think before entering a trade all YOLO ).
For example: double down on another $1000 worth at an average entry of 0.000074.
That would make a total of 13 513 513 (what a great integer) + 10 'shares'.
Now, the average entry for those is:
$2000 divided by 13 513 523 = 0.0001479998961
Had a trader sold at or above that .. FUNDS ARE SAFU

Had a trader waited a little longer .. for .. let's say 0.000406999714286
trader would have had $5500 total .. that is $3500 PROFIT instead of LOSING money.

So you see, Schrödingers provide the much needed cats (for the live or dead-cat-bounces) for the reckless (not the song by Madison Beer .. "Madison" ? really ? .. damn Synchronicities - "Hi google - enjoy abusing ones data?") Livermores out there and the Mathemagicians.
For you see, the market behaves like photons.
Prices go up like waves when you look at them but drop like a particle down the drain once you partake.

little disclaimer here:
trader can never know a good entry or exit in advance
trader could always really lose it all (mentally or financially) .. (trading gets halted, asset unlisted, etc.)
This little egg.sir.size is only here to shove the importance of math

Also: this is trading advice, lose your money on my account.

The elephant known as "Warren Buffet" in the room didn't even get mentioned here, although he did coin the phrase:
"Rule Number One: Never Lose Money. Rule Number Two: Never Forget Rule Number One", he did not 'invent' it.

The (my) logic behind this is quite simple (one of my (too many?) mantras):
"A Penny lost is a penny lost and can never be recovered".
For every loss one makes, one needs an extra win to cover for it and if you're Donald Duck, your deliberate losing aka "Risk-management" eventually will erode away on your Portfolio so much, the chance of recovery gets slimmer by the trade.

disclaimer number 2:
Never read the disclaimers or fine-prints .. EVER!
This, again, is trading advice. I am responsible for your (everyone's) losses and won´t hold up in court.
oh yeah .. almost forgot, there was something about LUNA .. which is now called LUNC (on the exchanges that still have it, 'by the magic of buying from two' separate exchanges hilarious things arise)

also known as:
"Put your money where your mouth is"
.. while not losing no money .. nu-uh

(the 'no more correct' gemini-chart doesn't quite agree with me putting my bragging on there ..sorry 'bout that, have been trading that thing the whole time though, since 14-05-2022, first luna-usdt, then usd, exchange then threw it out and I send it to another exchange and continued there :D )

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