📉This graph shows the average price of the main companies in the cryptocurrency sector, and their correlation with Bitcoin.

I follow the same logic for crypto ETFs, in which I analyzed this link:

The correlation shown here is a little lower compared to ETF's.

🐔I think that the price will make a hen fly, and then fall more strongly🐻.
Analysis of the OBV:
End of party for the bulls. I think this is what will happen:
Order cancelled:
It is too hasty to say that the market will fall.
There is the possibility of a short squeeze.

On the other hand, pay attention to the balance sheet release schedule.
To visualize this calendar, I will leave the list of the main markets related, directly or indirectly:

Below is an explanation of the markets listed in the list I shared.
Things are not isolated in a bubble.

1. Metals
The metal market plays an important role in cryptocurrency mining, as it is responsible for providing the necessary components for manufacturing mining equipment. Metals are crucial for manufacturing components such as processing chips, integrated circuits, power supply and cooling devices. These components are essential for efficiently running cryptocurrency mining. Additionally, the costs associated with acquiring mining hardware are often significant and metals account for many of the costs involved in the process. Thus, the metals market plays a key role in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

2. Energy
The energy market is extremely important for the cryptocurrency mining industry, as mining operations require large amounts of electrical energy to operate the computers and other devices used in cryptocurrency mining. Thus, the price of energy can have a big impact on the profitability of miners. The cost of energy can also be a determining factor in choosing the locations where miners establish their operations, as mining cryptocurrencies with cheap energy can increase profits.

3. Technology
The relationship between the technology market and the cryptocurrency sector is increasingly close, as technological advances allow the development of new products and services for the cryptocurrency sector. For example, technology companies are developing solutions for the security of cryptocurrencies, as well as platforms for carrying out financial transactions and investments. In addition, blockchain technology has proven to be fundamental for the creation of decentralized systems for carrying out secure transactions between users. Therefore, it is possible to state that the technology market is becoming increasingly important for the cryptocurrency sector.

4. Telecommunications
The telecommunications market is directly related to the cryptocurrency sector. Telecommunications technology is necessary for cryptocurrency transactions to work, allowing them to be carried out quickly, securely and reliably. Additionally, telecommunications service providers have played an important role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing the necessary infrastructure for them to be used securely.

5. Finance
The financial sector and the cryptocurrency sector are increasingly intertwined. The financial sector is responsible for managing and investing financial resources, while the cryptocurrency sector provides the possibility of trading digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The financial industry is looking for ways to integrate the growth of the cryptocurrency industry into its investments, allowing investors to access digital currencies and benefit from them. In addition, the financial sector is also working to develop financial products that allow investors to diversify their portfolios to include cryptocurrencies.

At the end of the list, I put the cryptos that I consider the most important. It's a subjective list, so if there's anything I missed or could improve on, please let me know.
Next targets:
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