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SO Moderna spiked from roughly $19.07 to $28 est. in less than 45 minutes after rumors broke into confirmations ending with headlines as Mordova has officially announced a vaccination for COVID-19 has been developed yet with months of red tape ahead of us (still have yet to undergo animal testing, clinical trials, human testing, then once the vaccination has been deemed non-hazardous there's still a mountain of red tape from the FDA to ensure legal & non-reactive allergic breakouts can be filed as is normality in cases like this when one CLA-3 from half a 0.5% of individuals who suffer Y symptoms while also taking X drug (regardless if whether or not there's a correlation) -- the problem with our judicial system is that in times of emergency, there's no time for red tape...and in a select few (seldom; extreme case scenarios only) instances in modern/poster modern American history, we've seen the red tape bypassed for one extreme example would be the use of radioactive nuclear fission in the form of a bomb without the 8 months needed to test the results of radioactive emissions & yields...hell no; this was during the spring entering summer of 1945 and every military strategist/analyst/general from Patton to IKE had a U.S. death toll at 1,000,000 EST. for the initial operation to invade mainland Imperial Japan (something that was first proposed when the Soviets reached Berlin) & without going on a tangent or getting too far off track -- the common misnomer is that we won WW2 from ignoring the red tape / warnings from biochemists/physicians and went ahead with Trinity to Hiroshima to Nagasaki out of severe desperation.

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All in all I'd aim for a SHORT TP1 to be safe; though it's your money, your decision...pretty much liquidated most crypto except for $Long positions but here are some stocks/currencies I picked up this past week:

$ZOOM $NFLX $MSFT $AMD $TWTR $FB $IG Stocks I picked up during the coronavirus madness after last Monday plus $MRNA $PFIZER $AA $TADVSR today with $BTC $ETH $XTZ $SRIYAL currencies & $XAUUSD #crudeoil —

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Not Financial Advise. This ends $MRNA publication...everything below is strictly anecdotal based on historical events from the 20th century to present -- a brief history on the start of postmodernism & how a chinese trade war escalated into what this is


Now for a brief history lesson cont . if you guys don't mind =D

Ever wonder why we dropped 2 bombs on Japan?

No, not cause your history teacher's anecdote about how "we sent two over and dropped a second because they didn't fold after the Hiroshima" nor were we "prepared to drop a third on Tokyo" as we dropped Hiroshima & Nagasaki because WE ONLY HAD TWO BOMBS...people need to understand that civilization is nowhere near as organized or 4D chess-like as we'd imagined them to be. The idea was to get the Emperor to fold the white flag than have our aircraft carriers bring in the marines to Tokyo & once they docked/prepped/rested, come to China's aide (after they had been begging for it) since before the rise of fascism/rape of nanking.

There's a reason I"m telling this anecdote; it's directly tied to the situation/circumstance we are living in today. Make no mistake, what is going on right now with COVID-19 is the CCP's furious revenge at Trump's Trade Policy & let's just say that XIDADA was under pressure from Hong Kong protests (wait, what happened to those?!) coupled with their worst GDP turnout in 28 years facing down a booming U.S. economy that was decoupling itself from its dependency on China -- this led to some heinously atrocious acting on the CCP's part & to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: bio-warfare is not a "conspiracy" or "out-of-the-question" esp . when you consider the facts:

- Patient 31 & 0 had no involvement in an open market food bazaar which would've been the cause for this type of superflu- WHO determination that CCP lied about dates, times, # of infected & intentionally withheld data long enough to prevent a repeat of the "Ebola" success -- that is stopping it in its tracks early on. Western CDC doctors / officials from U.K. + U.S. were denied access to Wuhan or early patients/mainland China.- China & the CCP has ONE bio-hazard extremely dangerous virology dept. in the entire nation....with a population of 1.4 billion -- you guess it, located in Wuhan, China *roughly 20 minutes from Patient 0*- TIMING: COVID-19 has been deemed a pandemic & as new information comes quickly we've come to learn that it is a seasonal based contagion (so like the spring of 1918 where the Spanish Flu ravaged the world...it *died down* (pun intended) during the warm summer months only to come back tenfold in the FALL. What else is happening in the FALL ?
  • -Election 2020: Trump, by in large, has secured his victory solely on his economic accomplishments. Even with the two devastating weeks thus far & an est. 10K drop in the DOW; most people STLL made more money on their 401ks in the last 3 1/2 years than the prior 8 1/2 before that.
  • - SUPPLY CHAINS: China has a monopoly on anti-biotics, disinfectants, antivirals. Look at the price gouging alone...

Not to mention it's no secret that China has had a population control issue -- so it is especially ruthless to *if you're playing along with the conspiratorial allegation, which is more than conspiratorial based on the motive alone* China has uplifted more people from it's Middle Class in the 2010s decade than any other nation on Earth. It's looking to be a leader in economic/soft power/trade in the 21st century while uplifting double the % into middle class by 2100. How to "sanitize" a bunch of "dead/worthless weight" to clear room for a more competitive, educated, loyal party affiliates -- how to do so in such a manner that DOESN'T offend your own populous & allows your government to remain open to the prospect of letting future Chinese citizens have 3 children instead of 2?

Lastly, my own personal note: from "a COVID19 + patient at CPAC" to "Iran's inner circle/Ayatollah #2" to the Saudi/Russian trade war...it's not that this pandemic spread quickly that's cause for concern. It's the fact that if you look closely...it almost seems like it was intentional. From Idris Elba to Tom Hanks...president of Brazil? One individual at CPAC? We've seen less than 50K cases thus far in the USA & is it just me or are the cases disproportionately spread to the 1%ers of our cultural/economic/political influence as you hear more about celebrities testing positive than you do about anyone else? I could be wrong...but all evidence points to the contrary.

A recession is defined as two or more fiscal calenders ( Qs ) with negative GDP turnout. Q1 will definitely turnout negative as will Q2 (mind you; it wouldn't have before news broke) so take your pick if you don't believe that the CCP would unleash something like this knowing they have a monopoly on antivirals/antibiotics & if you think China, the biggest trade cheat since the free market economy went global, was gonna sit by and let POTUS45 actually "level the playing field" on trade -- just as their beautiful rise to #1 was taking place...you've got another thing coming. CCP is a ruthless political organization, they are the sole entity & ruling class of the entire mainland China, now having influence in all the belt/road ports & will effectively own Hong Kong (as per a death with Thatcher) come 2040.

What did China have to gain from this?

- No more Hong Kong talk.- No more Trump pushing back.- No more Trump economy making him look good for Election2020.- Medicinal Supplies/Amenities/Utilities give them leverage for Stage 2 Trade talks.- Population control- Propagandized "it was the West's fault!" straight from Cold War playbook, divide/conquer- XIDADA consolidates power, stabilizes CCP GDP turnout, gains TradeWar leverage points, (more Chinese die than any other) zzz Who cares ? Blessing in disguise for a heartless Stalinistic monster who has - -greater ambitions than saving a few million Chinese citizens , but to push the US/NATO out of the South China Sea indefinitely.
Back to Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Stalin, arguably more ruthless than Mao / Xi; sent his depleted/defeated/exhausted & 28,000,000 dead Red Army into Manchuria the minute Soviet intelligence got wind of the Trinity Test; Zhukov/Krushchev under direct orders from Stalin immediately re-positioned the celebrating/recovering Red Army beaten/wounded soldiers drinking in East Berlin's pubs all the way to the mountains of Manchuria & for 2 weeks they remained there unarmed with no munitions or no equipment while they waited for the inevitable bombing of whatever major city the Allies were going to attack. Had FDR not passed away in the spring of 1944...I'm certain things would be much different, as a much less paranoid Stalin would've listened to the wheelchair president & made a move that was right for himself & his hold on power -- not a reactionary border war with a neutral party based solely on the premise that "NATO/USA cannot be on Soviet borders" & so the common misconception is that the two atomic bombs that caused Imperial Japan to surrender....didn't.

In truth it was the Soviet's invasion of Manchuria (which wasn't pushed forward by Zhukov until after Nagasaki was dropped a few days after Hiroshima) and Japanese archives / history text state unequivocally that a 5/5 vote needed to be reached unanimous before the request to surrender could be brought to the Emperor....remember this is Imperial Japan we're talking about. These guys literally built Mitsubishi Kamikazi planes & would decapitate themselves using samurai swords from the inside out before admitting defeat. So it was the Japanese lead military commander (under the Emperor -- who himself had no idea what was going on in terms of logistics on the battlefield...where after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped it was said that he still believed he could win the war) the vote which shifted from 1/5 to 3/5 after the 1nd & 2nd bomb then became a unanimous 5/5 when the Soviets pushed into China & even with unanimous agreement to unconditional surrender -- the lead Japanese advisor to Hirohito (Kochi Kito) drafted the terms from the Allies (which were ruthlessly unforgiving; demanding unconditional surrender -- much like with the Nazis) and DESPITE both nuclear bomb & STALIN'S invasion of Manchuria; unconditional surrender could not be accepted unless the Emperor remained emperor...which (needless to say) caused somewhat of a rift in internal U.S. politics.

Initially we rejected their offer for conditional surrender then bluffed & threatened a 3rd nuke on Tokyo; which they proceeded to call (yes. they were willing to let their entire beloved Tokyo go down in ashes along with the whole of Japan if it meant saving the emperor) and to show how resilient the Japanese really were -- when U.S. & Allies accepted Japanese terms for exhaustion & everyone wanted the war over with at that point...everyone but the Japanese it seems.

Hirohito remained emperor until 1985, where he died.

So why the History lesson? China was supposed to be a part of NATO. They cried for help during the Great Depression & their cries were buried by the tortured screams of the victims of fascism in Europe -- we might have stopped the SS & their sick/twisted experiment (The Holocaust) but to this day -- we never really talk about the fact that what Hitler did to the Jews the Japanese did to the Chinese & it was the U.S.'s obligation to protect Japan from falling victim to Imperialism.

So when you take that huge letdown coupled with Stalin's ruthlessly efficient & cold-blooded decision to take his defeated Red Army & clear out a defeated Imperial Japanese Army in what little pockets of territory they held from Manchuria to India -- this is how Mao ZeDong; the Chinese Communist Party & even Kim-Il-Sung (Juche) were propped up & are revered today in China/North Koera as "Socialist Demigods" when in actuality they were (both of them) just two beaten/battered/worthless nations that had been ravaged by war & like a kidnapped child with Stockholm Syndrome they were more than happy to take whatever dipshit Stalin would prop up & declare leader so as long as it meant an end to the fighting...a 4-5 year period of Hitler's reign of terror paled in comparison to almost two decades of Imperial Japanese ethnic cleansing from Nanking to Beijing.

IF you ask me?

We should've let Nazi Germany & the USSR beat the shit out of each other until there was nothing left on either side then stormed Normandy in June 1945 -- at which point a Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing could've been a Berlin/Tokyo bombing and this could've very well prevented the Cold War not to mention added an entire Far-East Asian wing to NATO that would've included South Korea/Japan/China that all in all (without getting into hypothetical) I think we can all agree would've been a better world.

I'll take greed & a peaceful transition of power over corruption & autocracy/communism ANYDAY

Peace & Love

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