Traders are you ready for the Hot stepper tomorrow 30.11.22

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Swingtrader Perspective. Nas100

Monday tank purely on China news re covid lockdowns right?
Today a bit more draw.. and its still going.
I had shorted since the week prior having witnessed enough evidence of rejection at key level in a Macro Bear trend (regardless of all the hype - just let the price facts tell you the truth).

Tomorrow is HIGH CPI data day plus JP could make some points
What do I do?

My Perspective
Do/should I care?

Remember why you entered at the level you did and what the target was and why
Know that even the big boys that move the market be it algos or real people act on emotion - look what occurred on 10.11.22 when slightly better CPI figures were released? Algos amplify what started on emotion. That jump was it justified? Was it an over-reaction? Even institutions over-react and follow there own herds!

This just presents an even better trading opportunity to swing as the entire move was unnecessary to start with! Was it intentional for them to short at a better price? Did they unwind previous shorts so it look like a bull trend? Who cares.. but you need to be aware when you read any market from those candle sticks. Real question is did you wait long enough to observe?

News days will either help to exaggerate the trade direction you are already in to your target or help reach it quicker OR it will take out your stop loss - yes stop loss because if you were right in your entry you should not be holding any loss at all on the news day itself as the volatility will trigger you out and then go where it will this is why a lot of traders don't trade on news day at all.

Lets get ready to dance and come ride wit me

These songs are to help psychologically during trading.
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You can't prevent the storm but you can take cover!
Trade active:
Still holding... but will get ready to close based on what I see in daily profiles..