Nat Gas Mind Games

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The main motif behind the project is the intention and attempt to predict in advance the tendencies of the market in specific time zones through the representation of the ellipses. Upward pointing means potential bullish sentiment in that time zone, and the other way around for downwards pointing. The catch of the time zone is that their vertical arrows as represented in the snapshot could act as wild card support and resistance levels only in that specific time zone, just like the rectangles are simulated projected potential influence zones of attraction and repulsion.

Recently Nat Gas has been usually swinging up and down after some big players accumulate on their position for the medium term depending on the overall global context. Less technical perspective, but the Japanese Candlesticks still could provide some signs and clues of any such directional positions. For this project it is envisioned that Bullish and Bearish Engulfings and Belt Line Hold candles might trigger some impulsive waves for the bold traders which want to attempt to ride the power waves with rodeo style.

Trade carefully and may the force of profits be with you.
Mirrored wave on the projection with engulfings at the begginning and the end of the projection time zone. Not sure what else to expect from this project. Only further coincidental developments in the next projected time zone should still qualify the project for potential increased interest for observation.
Repeated pattern. First candle inside the second time zone is an engulfing starting another bearish wave. Will be interesting to see if the wave rests at the end of the time zone...
Retrospective analysis: small range price action activity between the proposed time zones. Not sure what will happen on the red ellipse time zone, but my humble honest guess is that the most important zone should be the green one. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
Note for the previous events: the bullish engulfing at the end of the purple zone is an obvious contender for the cashing in effect, as it happened right before the close at the week end. Nevertheless, the following bearish engulfing could have been interpreted as a sign of things to come, although this phenomenon does not occur all the time, and is not a pattern in itself, otherwise we could all get rich just by trading these things. On the other hand, the analysis of TIME as a dimension in financial markets is a pertinent proposal, as the trading sessions around the globe, and the impact certain news can have on the markets, which are usually scheduled in advance, can be a crucial factor in the overall picture of what moves the markets, but also WHEN.
Not much action on nat gas to start the week. We had a longer bullish candle inside the green zone of action which qualified as a potential signal but was immediately "canceled" supposedly by the following similar longer bearish candle. As mentioned in a comment below, if the level below holds I can see this try to push for higher ground, although nothing looks convincing so far. Also, I am not sure the bearish longer candle "qualifies" as a potential signal according to the approach proposed in the initial idea of the project. Taking one candle at a time on this to search for clues about what actually is taking place in the market but the initial bias will stand as long as the level below is not breached with a CLOSE of a candle below it.
Before I start the update I would like to apologize to all the observers for the Mind Games. Green zone over with the price close to the previously marked price level around 1.82. I still have no confident strict long or medium term bias for this one, but after seeing the rebound from near the half of the previous bullish wave I am thinking we might actually see an attempt to reach 1.90. Regarding the red ellipse zone, It should be a surprise for all of us including me. I will mark the time zone in the next comment with or without a Japanese Candle signal or setup/
Red zone - red wave, and my dear friend Patienceiskey was right about the bearish mood. This one might revisit 1.61 with or without a gap on Monday. For my next nat gas project I want to spice things up a bit, as this one has been interesting but a little bit of a let down despite the intriguing patterns and coincidences and the synchronicity between the waves and the zones in the project. I am on the fence between a Matrix Style Project with rectangles as support resistance levels or a chess grid labyrinth style with more analysis than projections. If anyone is watching and has any preference please let me know in a comment or pm.
PS not to drift too offtopic but we have another pivot point waiting in this project despite the lack of further elements. Not sure if it will be at the end of the red zone but it would be interesting...
Red zone ends at the same price where it started. Started a new idea on this (linked) with the first potential setup for a short at the smaller rectangle if a solid candlestick setup occurs there. A reversed hanging man or anything with obvious longer candlestick shadows could do the trick. Overall there is also room for a potential up move if there will be indications of a found support and bullish moves attempts, after any new bearish wave.

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