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Another cup handle formation in progress. Looks like it is reversing from it's bottom.

If the cup holds, it can go 1800% to the upside, up to 8400 sats in about over a year. This could test patience but the rewards would be great.

Setup invalidated if:
- Cup handle formation broken (due to BTC's crazy moves)
- Any FA wrecks this project

Not an advisor. Please DYOR, you are responsible for your own profit or loss.
Trade closed manually: Updating more realistic targets


This coin is dead it has no heart beat. Investing in an asset that looks like this is pure lunacy. What kind of FUD are you passing around?
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@aconcept Absolutely agree with you. I have a feel this coin could be delisted in the coming days. Or, it could even fall lower from CMP. Since we're entering a bullish market cycle, there could be a possibility of it coming to life. Nothing's certain though
@aconcept, its really difficult arguing with the crazy. their github only has 6 repos, and some of them is totally irrelevant to their project. it was just there for some reasons.
Good stuff homie , I’m also thinking about riding that to the top , you should check my page out👍🏿
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blackriver85 Olutobi-Ogunsemore
wakefulDingo28976 blackriver85
@blackriver85, technical analysis is useful, but you cannot ignore the fundamentals. that coin has no reason to be listed on any exchanges
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blackriver85 wakefulDingo28976
@wakefulDingo28976, maybe but it recently went up 30 percent. So as a trader you can make some money with this volatility. As a Holder is tough
thank you for this positive sentiment! god be with you
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@blackriver85 Thank you! To confirm the possibility, need to watch this out for a few more weeks to confirm the cup formation. It could go upto 6000 sats if it does. Anything is still possible now
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blackriver85 CryptoAltsPlankton
@CryptoAltsPlankton, here my short term idea , can go 100% soon ,pullback, even 150%
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