HOW-TO: Cosmic Pi Cycle #1

NASDAQ:NDAQ   Nasdaq, Inc
This HOW-TO tutorial will show how to setup the Mult value and how to use primary and secondary markers.

πŸͺ SETTINGS (Indicator 1)

  • Mult: 1.7
  • Top Markers: ON
  • Bottom Markers: OFF

πŸͺ SETTINGS (Indicator 2)

  • Mult: 0.85
  • Top Markers: OFF
  • Bottom Markers: ON

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« MULT

The Mult value has to be set anew for every symbol / timeframe combination. The way to set the Mult correctly is to look at the span of the entire chart and through trial and error decide where the markers look the most correct (πŸ—  A, C & E). You can also look at the channel fill and set the Mult so that the highs and lows hit around the borders of the fill (πŸ—  F, G, H & I).

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« MARKERS

Primary (circle) markers make sense either when the price flattens out or when they appear at or near the very extreme of a steep price rise or fall. If a primary marker appears in the middle of a bullish (πŸ—  B) or bearish (πŸ—  D) trend you can wait until the possible appearance of a secondary (square) marker (πŸ—  C & E) to better estimate any major price reversals.

Note that since secondary markers are a weaker signal than primary markers, the price reversal signals they may give can be related to smaller trends than those of the primary markers.