When to get back into NIO INC?

Tech shares are descending heaviliy these days. Actually its a usual correction and consider that as normal. This idea is about NIO /INC what i think on the long term will be much higher in price in the near future. NIO set foot on the ground in Norway already. Making their preperations for getting ready for the European market. Its exciting to watch these developments. But the future for NIO seems hopefull to me. Thats why i'm still bullish on NIO .

Some people probably boutght NIO at a higher point then it is right now. But what is an interesting entry point to get back to NIO? Based on previous price action NIO could be interesting around the $ 26-29 zone. So just let the charts do their work and keep the pace up when you feel to.... It's just a simple idea actually... nothing complex about it.