NIO about to become SINGLE DIGIT Stock

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Gap between $9-10 range and local resistance is rejecting the price really well.
Next major support is also untested and price could reach there since there is no EXHAUSTION VOLUME.
and rest...
Idea well explained in the chart.

This is not a financial advice.
Both target reached.
anyone if still following this thread... Comment if you think if NIO is a good buy right now or not ? I would like to know your opinion now.
I would like to address that is following this thread, and especially those asking if this is a good buy or not ?

Disclaimer : NONE of this is a Financial advice. Do your own research.

Even before we start discussion about NIO and anyone's expectations of NIO Stock, MY QUESTION to YOU is
"Are you looking to invest in NIO for long term?"
"If yes, for how long ?"
"Are you looking to just do a short term SWING Trade on Nio ?"
"Are you looking to buy CALLS or LEAPS ?"
"Are you willing to loss X AMOUNT of money"
"Are you going to buy SHARES of NIO with CASH or with LEVERAGE"
"If you are buying NIO or NIO calls for long term, is your position size too big"
"What is your game plan"

I hope these questions can shed the light on the point i am trying to make.
Now that point is out of way.

---- Let me give you data points so that we can discuss.

Question 1 :- How risky investment is it ? Is NIO a BLUE chip stock or a growth stock ? How volatile this stock is ?

I wont say too much. Please do some research onto it. It is a beta stock that makes it very risky asset to invest in.

Question 2 :- If you are looking to invest in NIO Stock heavily, Is Nio a financially viable company that is on the road to become a profitable company ?

I cannot comment on this because i am not a fundamental guy and because i am more TA guy.

Question 3 :- As per Technical analysis, what trend is NIO stock right now ?

As per Price action purely, NIO stock is in a continous downtrend with getting very less reaction from key levels.

I won't say there isn't buying opportunity but RISK IS WAY too HIGH.


So what is really risky ?
Bcoz i dont see trend reversing anytime soon. Plus If it continues then risk would vary from 35-50% of capital that is being invested in NIO. Which is bit too much for me to stomach.
I personally can go small size that wouldn't bother even if i lost that amount.
But rest depends upon each and every individual.

Hopefully this educational analysis was helpful for you all. If it is then please make sure to follow and hit that boost button.

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