Spiky 🤓 (A-i KING 🤩 update)

actually i love NMR token cause of good fundamental and perfect project so,...

first scenario: move up from little white triangle

second scenario: move up from long term green trend-line

so i'm buyer now and stop it when this little triangle break-down and buy again on green trend-line or static green line (803 sats ) and stop if trend break-down

as always TP on red lines

please check last NMRBTC chart below this idea

#NFA 🖖🏽

please DYOR 💚🥂🍾
Trade active: nice accumulation
Trade active: ichi cloud buy signal (OA pattern)
Trade active: Break and Retest confirmed
Trade active:
Trade active: TP1 reached (999 sats)
Trade active: TP1 TP2 TP3 reached 🥂
Comment: (note) bought again at 900sats and sell with 30% pure profit at 1285sats
Trade active: BOUGHT again at 803sats with old stop and TPz