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"Long" Term does not imply "going Long" mind you .. just means .. eh .. like much time ..

Made a nice "Fib", they seem to be important to 'Traders' and 'Anal-ysts®' (not to me, sorry),
I just draw that humbug in here because all my other IDEA's usually have pretty empty charts (see some lines further below .. ).
Just saw an elaborate IDEA about 'stuff' the other day were the author actually thought they explain anything by incorporating "Fibonacci" .. as if it has some magically meaning explaining by mere presence why things happen the way they happen, of course everybody happy about it, not seeing it did not explain ANYTHING, well .. people don´t wanna learn or understand anything truly 🤷. I'm not gonna bother any more.

Price seems to like this 0.618 fib thingy, great (I'll bet if we make up more fibs, some of them look important too, 'muh nature laws').

Zooming in some more, we can see pareidolia in the form of a Dandruff-pattern®, which 'played out' very quickly and violently .. messed with a lot of people (whole discussions to be found and had about this one).

Zoom in even more for some more funny Dandruff:

price seems to be stuck at the very important 0.287fib

and EXTREME close-up:

Not gonna bother drawing any more pretty lines and fundicators in here.
'TBH', my trades have nothing to look at but TradingView does not like that (they already killed some of my previous charts because I was trading almost Butt-naked)
What is shown here holds pretty much NO meaning to me or my trades, just drew some of the stuff that most people could/should/would find if they want to Anal-yze® the chart.

Already entered in November but (why sell (some) in Profit when it's more fun to see it return to Break-even, am I right? 😉) .. like with the other stuff .. couldn't be ***ed to make public chart before. But I'm bored .. so .. here is one now.
Chart does have some areas I might Buy or Sell some .. will see 'whence we got there' (👈 'past future tense' / 'futuristic past tense'? ).

I wouldn't trade this if I were you. Nokia does some phone stuff (no I did not mean "phunky" or "phunny" stuff, even though it sounds like it, reading it back) .. like .. 5G etc.
I am not you .. so I trade it anyway.
IF you were me .. than .. I guess you would be typing this ?
Trade active
small update on the chart
ver long-term all of it

and a little more near future (weeks/months)

could put some fancy 'move about averages' in here or some 'ReallyStupidIndexes' but that would be just a(r)senine
Volume might be interesting .. but .. nah .. not even gonna explain it 😄
getting interesting .. probably end up not buying again because it changes direction again before meeting my price .. waddayagonnado
was about to say "looks like it enters a buy area" (and did not enter yet)
now it looks like a rejection from previous territory .. lets just wait and see what it does when it gets to the 3.90ish again ...

Well, it entered the initially anticipated 3.5ish area. (why i marked it higher than the text was stating .. idonno 🤷)

Haven't pulled the trigger yet though, next area of 2.76ish is only a 22% drop from her, don't really wanna buy twice so close to each other .. have something setup in that general area though .. let's see how it goes.
Chart is becoming a garbled mess of lines ..ugh
Can't even call these "charts" anymore .. more like a screen full of random 'notes'

now, doesn't this look much nicer ?

It's just amazing how 'undervalued' this stock/company is 😕
Trade active:
"Don't try to catch falling knives" they say .. well .. "they" say a lot of things, I couldn't care less, been catching knives for years now, never cut me before .. and never will either (.. just wear a chain-mail-glove :D .. or actually know why 'they' would/could say that and what 'it' actually means).

Could add some nifty "RSI" or "Move-about-average" here .. but that's also redundant.
Price is far under pretty much any "Industrial standardized Moving Nonesense" .. as it often is anyway (even if one would want to use it as 'resistance' .. one could get out nicely in profit)
and RSI, well .. that's pretty much more-of-the-same too (RSI being like an indexed/price-depegged MA -- price goes down (for a period), RSI and MA do too .. BEING JUST THE DELAYED (AVERAGED) PRICE ANYWAY)

For now got another fill. Averaged down the position nicely too.
if this won't do .. there is always 2.60 and 2.20
after that ? well maybe kiss your money goodbye ? Kiss the whole economy good-buy while at it.

So ... see you all in .. months ?? when/if price decides to go another route for a while.
Just gonna blurt out ... June/July for now.
So I guess there is no 'sitting idle on lazy ass' till summer after all.

Not going into details of the whole AT&T thing .. not going there at all actually.

But .. seeing AT&T running a tight ship ...

I think them dropping NOKIA now might not be that bad in the end .. for the long run .. maybe .. hopefully .. pretty please ?

.. maybe I'll scoop up some more here .. or there, will see, let the dust settle a bit first.

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