NOKIA turnaround: Follow-up

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About a month ago I published this: NOKIA turnaround visible through Elliott Wave Analysis
You have to move waves a bit into the future, otherwise wave count is valid.

Here is a follow-up, a more close picture of today.


I quote what I wrote before:

Freedom in trading I can not express it better than by quoting a very valuable book I am glad that it has been written:

"Third waves are wonder to behold! Prices will typically take off in a powerful fashion, and the more you delay joining in the direction of the move, the farther it will go away. Stop loss order will all get executed and push the prices more och more. Even fundamental news will get interpreted to suit the move (i.e. even if the news was bad, the market will somehow interpret it to mean the worst is over!) During an uptrend, any trader who tries to pick a top and sell for a brief correction will soon find himself stopped out. At the end of the day, there will be blood on the street! The cat vill get kicked at home, and the wife will listen (probably for the umpteenth time) how our trader had the right ideas, and was waiting for a pull back to buy; only the pull back never came. He could have made his month´s profit target in just one move, and he missed it."

Source: Five Waves to Financial Freedom, Ramki N. Ramakrishnan

Buy it and read it !! I marvel at the clarity of wisdom: “The time has come of self-value. And the question is not: ‘To be or not to be;’ the statement is: ‘To be to be. I am, I am.’ The time has come not to search for God, but to be G.O.D.” ~Yogi Bhajan