NYSE:NYT   New York Times Company (The)
These are my thoughts on NYT: So as we can see in the last year, the stock had been strong and move a lot. When i look at the charts, we can see that the stock had broke a super strong resistance in early february so this was good sign for a bullish move. Then, after the great run from eaernings, the stock start to correct. The volume was high in the beginning of the correction but in the last week, the stock did not move a lot and never broke the big support line so that shows how strong this support line is. The reason i like this stock is because the stock just bounced very nicely at this strong support and the candle was very strong and closed near it's high. We can also see a type of flag pattern that has been broking out friday.An other reason why i like this stock is because there was a lot of buyers friday and that shows interest into the stock. When we go from very low volume on a consolidation trend to a lot of volume on a big bullish candle, that tells you something has change about sentiments. I will then look to buy the stock at 14.75.

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