My First Chart Ever _ NZD/Cad

FX:NZDCAD   New Zealand Dollar/Canadian Dollar
I think eventually this Chart Will begin It's Drop Into What Could Be A lOng And Profitable Drop to 0.88000 , by looking at the chart i would say this is a six month play . However Beware, This chart has also broke thru and reached a all time high peek. So Proceed with caution. It seems like it is taking forever to drop. Three weeks now and not a major dip yet, But i feel it is due any time now, and this is a great position to get in if you know what you are doing. I personally would not put down or sell into it is over 0.95500 ,, Opening position.. Thank you,

Ps this is my first chart ever.
I hope to here your thoughts.


NZDCAD is in strong up trend since 2009, on what signal/information are you basing your idea about reversal? You are not explaining this in your description.
RTRtrade cyanfrog
Simple, Beginner 101 - Nothing Goes straight up or down. What goes up, must come down, And what i am saying is i feel it will swing on it's way up, It is going up, but nothing goes straight up, And on the bounce, these levels are my guess for turn points, And when it makes that turn, This is my Guess For Possible positions.
totally agree