FX:NZDUSD   New Zealand Dollar/U.S. Dollar
1526 18 63
NZDUSD             making a correction . Buying the next impulse up.
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AB pending C, nice.
Looking to short it on sunday tp: 0.7430
thanks Anil my idea
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anilmangal PRO manijeh.kazemi.33
nice !
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Awesome, thank you
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the situation in the economy of New Zealand, at the moment is far from ideal. Weak data, larger unemployment. On what basis has to go NZD up ??
NickCoulby PRO RobertPapon
Because it's a 15 min basis and markets oscillate in all directions? xD
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RobertPapon NickCoulby
:))) smart remark. Cold beer for you :)
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anilmangal PRO RobertPapon
I am not smart enough to understand all those economic data and how they relate to the NZDUSD , NZDJPY, NZDAUD, NZDGPB, NZDCAD, NZDCHF , etc and I would not PRETEND to know the economic condition of ANY of those countries or how it affects the pair . And since you brought it up you would also have to check the economic condition in the USA because the chart didn't say the NZD will get strong ,it says the NZD versus the USD will go up . While you are studying all those data I will be making money trading what I see in the chart. Good Luck and good trading.
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mkdeep04 anilmangal
me too not clear of nzd .. but viewing dxy chart and US data last week was slightly strong i feel downside in nu is there... will be watching for any swing condition in near term.. i might be wrong... after all we all learn from mistake we make !! well most of us
alternate view

your chart is a 240 min ,i posted a 15 min chart .That move could be over in an hour
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tcas mkdeep04
In very shot term is up in long term is down. Let's see which way will it pass.
RobertPapon anilmangal
As I said yesterday, the New Zealand economic data do not allow for growth. The next time you have to take into account. I think that quietly break through major support at 0.72 and then further declines. This currency pair in the long term we play for a short time, because New Zealand bank may lower interest.
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unless you have a face and name you don't deserve an answer from me , I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE MODERATORS TO THIS COMMENT !
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Agree, use technical analisys to know future price movement. I learned a lot in your course, Anil.
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possible downside after correction pullup
turning fast up
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