Old Dominion Freight - Long entry setup

NASDAQ:ODFL   Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc
What I see...
+ Prices bounced back from mid-March low of $110 forming a v-shape pattern
+ Along the way, prices zig zac along major Fib marks
+ Huge vol. back in Dec!
+ Prices moved side way in the past few sessions
+ MACD has crossed upward
+ Both 10 and 50 MA are above 200MA
+ RSI at 62
+ 52 week & all-time high

- prices are distance from 10MA
- prices could continue to go side way, within channel, until 10 MA has pulled closer
- Slight upper shadows across the past few sessions

What I setup...
Long entry if break above last week's high
Target at 0.618 Fib
Stop at -4d low
Trade active: Long entry triggered
Trade closed: stop reached: Stopped out today @ Loss 0.65R