$OK $BTC Inversal - New Uptrend / Okcash Accumulation detected

BITTREX:OKBTC   Okcash / Bitcoin
Disclosure: I am not your financial advisor, due your own research and diligence, crypto markets carry great risk, the points expressed here are my own opinion and should not be taken as trading advice.

Now, lets get to it.

The Okcash coin has experienced huge rises in the past, with an ATH of 20,000 satoshis (0.86 USD) on the Past Bull market (2017)
It had a heave correction/downtrend for over 2 years, which however it seems harsh, at this moment it still maintains a 9000% gains rate from inception (2014).

The market seems to start to get activated/accumulated for the past months on the downtrend, but specially over the past weeks/days,
with huge spikes in volume within a range zone, in the past days we were able to watch it broke the downtrend with volume and noticeable
accumulation zones, we just need to confirm that OK bottomed out by testing the low 300s , however with the accumulation that it seems is going on
it seems it will be hard for OK to fall below the 350s range, confirming the bottom, if not moving first to the 500s before we could see some spikes as the market goes thinner.

Great timming for an entry in this market. atm: 0.03 USD // ATH 2017 - 0.86 USD

Aside from TA it seems Okcash coin is one of the best proof of stake coins to this date, proof of stake coins seem to be more popular day by day for their energy friendly approach, might be a good idea to diversify and get a piece of this cake.