Looking for support in metal.

NYMEX:PA1!   Palladium Futures
A day of days among metals. As this chart illustrates, most of the metal group has little, if any, recent support at current price levels. However, there is one exception. Let's see how it plays out.


Dear LittleRiver, I have been looking for a great chart for metal and happy to find yours. Hope you don't mind if I make it my own tonight, for my own files. Please reach out to me with your greater thoughts on how these next few days read to you. Sincerely, Beauty
littleriver BitcoinMedusa
Thank you BeautyBubble for your kind words. By all means, take the chart. It was created with the intention of being shared. As for the future, I am, like most, simply looking for light in this sea of darkness. My view is purely a mechanical one. Commodities and equities alike with the most recent and strongest support will, I believe, fair better than those without.
Best regards, Littleriver
If ford is expecting new exhaust standards that will force them to buy more palladium, now we would be the time to do it.