NYSE:PKG   Packaging Corporation of America
$PKG. This week I will be breaking down more of the IBD50. It has been a desire of mine to bring the "lists" to TradingView. Comparing quality names to your thesis can only serve, over time, to make you better at charting. So, here is the last name on the list for this week, $PKG. Sincerely, Beauty.


$PKG. You do understand that TradingView, if you publish, really pushes your capabilities in charting. If you follow my "Trade Like The Buddha...the guidebook for joy in trading" workbook; facing who you are, what you are focused on, and demand discipline of yourself are just as important as the tools you use...TradingView powers my daytrades and propels my holds. Can I say more? Yes, I will always say more. Love the team, Sincerely, Beauty