PKR-USD Chart shows that Pakistani Rupee has massively Declined

PKRUSD Chart shows that the relationship between PKRUSD have gone stronger. PKR has declined massively in past 12 months as per our analysis covering the Tenure of March 2018 to 2019 the period of May to July has shown massive Decline. Perhaps Bailout packages and friendly aid can might help the graph go upwards to a few bars, However the mainstream idea remains bearish against USD as IMF loan approches near we should expect more depreciation to PKR.
The chart shows a little potential gains between 0.0071xx and 0.0073xx However it doesn't seems Promising enough to attract investors.
Current Oscillators are highly on red side the buying orders for rupee are almost zero and if this trend keeps moving forward in next days we can expect a downard hit to 0.0065xx.. so plan wisely

Sometimes you Earn the other times you learn.
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