BATS:PXD   Pioneer Natural Resources Company
Looks like consolidation will come to an end this week, with minimum of a quick bullish run. Along with my chart on SPX , which also shows at least a short bullish spurt if not longer; PXD can be expected to have a quick bullish trade. If you're not very comfortable with that, you may want to look into credit spreads if nothing else. I dont think PXD has weekly contracts though.

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a couple of months late, but still hit the target almost exactly after channeling for a while.
although price did not fully reach marked target, there is no reason why you should have not profited from this entry point, therefore will mark as closed profit
Good use of support lines, trend lines, and future resistance lines (for possible exits). Theoretically, there is an ample amount of support near the $100.00, so this stock will either fail to break the trend line and go back down to support and bounce back up or it may break support, we will see! Keep up the good work!