$RAMP time to Short / Stay away?

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NYSE:RAMP   LiveRamp Holdings, Inc.
Looking at the green trend line starting from around mid 2014, till 2025 ish .
The trend line suggested price target of 47$ by 2024 already seems priced-in during today's date (Feb 9, 2022)'s after-hours session!

Additionally, there's that giant Inverted Cup and Handle pattern. Ignore the covid-19 crash of March 2020, and two red lines clearly indicate necklines.
First Neckline around 44$, and the 2nd one around 39$.

I wouldn't be interested in shorting, as:
1) I'm unaware on fundamentals picture
2) Recent top of 87$ in Jan, 2021 leaves plenty of room for upside, with shoulder line reversal about 59$ and confirmation being about 64$

Instead, I'd be patient with long term watch on that 25-29$ strong long term support range - which is also supported by recent Cup and Handle , followed by solid rally!
Long term investors clearly seem to have made profits and sold, perhaps it's time for another downtrend for next accumulation round! Let's see what happens!
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