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To better understand our analysis, you can read our analysis of other stocks and etfs that we have published on this site.

In a nutshell, if you are biased long, we have identified the area where shorts will be selling. areas of resistance that will have to be overcome in order to reach the long targets identified. If you are biased short, we have identified where the buyers will be looking to re-enter, in other words the support levels.

Of equal importance, we have identified areas where all things being equal, traders will be looking to take partial profits. . Know where others are entering and exiting on each tine-frame and you will be able to make informed decisions based on accurate analysis.

Obviously we have not included all the trades, as that is too time consuming and the chart doesn't have the space available, but the ones we have identified on this chart will suffice to demonstrate the accuracy of our analysis. There is an intraday short that is being sold, has hit the first target, and the second target is slightly inside the working long entry range while the third is very close to the bottom of the long entry range shown on the chart.


Another example of how our analysis pinpoints both long and short entries and targets on the same time-frame. 1 long entry with target reached, 1 short entry with 2 targets reached. Bullseye x 3. All on the same chart with no setup failing.
Long and short both hit their targets. Another bullseye.
1st short target reached, heading toward 2nd. bullseye.