The only rational way is up!

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Hello, I decided to not draw any crazy lines, trends, moons or anything like that etc. I am sharing only long term view at SCBTC chart to see that SC cannot go much lower and with upcoming news, partnership, application and adoption I see only one way - up! (well, if BTC will go straigt to 100K than maybe we can dip a little bit lower).

I invest in SC because I believe it! If you do a little research, maybe you will start belive as well as Sia , Skynet, SkyDB is amazing and very similar to the King BTC (just in different area of application). There are plenty amazing things happening in the background and also plenty open doors with oportunities to be build on top of Sia . Adoption just needs time (it was the same with TV, Internet and other things which are very comon today). Altcoin market is very wide and full of scams, but Sia definitely is NOT one of that. Sia team is working hard with focus on their vision, roadmap and real world application and marketing was almost ignored during the develepment period. This may change soon as new marketing person was hired into the Sia team. SC is not only good investment (value will increase with adoption) but it is also great utility coin as it gives you very cheap way to store you data in fully decentralized way, stream your movies directly to TV or other devices or build decentralized internet => WIN-WIN.

check sia .tech,, ...

Not an financial advice.


I totally agree ! Its a pure Beauty
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First production of phones storing data fully on Sia decentralized storage starting soon! This could be good impulse to grow.
good to know. agree