S&P 500 - US Economy Crashing

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Just look at that chart. The S&P 500 peaking around 3000. The pair is heading for this region again with a number of strong weeks behind it, climbing it's
way to the 3000 area once again. Price stalled at 2940 region, just shy of 3000 and is charging back towards it now to retest. I am anticipating the price to hit 3000 or very close, and around this level the US economy will more than likely crash. The US Debt is at an all time high, trade deals etc and unemployment are not looking so bright either without going into detail.

I am anticipating that there will be a 40-60% drop in price in the S&P 500 . 40% will take the price to around 1800, 50% down to 1500 and 60% down to 1200. If you take the time to look at the past market structure of the S&P 500 , all of these are key levels from in the past, making them all perfectly attainable levels for the price to fall to in a bear market.

With Brexit and the US Economy looking bleak, I believe both economies will be heading south. This being said, gold will more than likely rise, as it usually always does when the economy is weak, golds strength grows and grows. As for crypto, all I will say is watch...