SP500 - Violence to be dissipated in a an upward expending range

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 Index
This is a speculative projection fitting some key assumptions:
- High energy with daily candles of 40 /50pts close to the top.
- The capping line will hold overall.
- The linear breakout line which was passed in Oct13, will hold the market overall until Sep15 (at which point it will be at 2020.

- Large moves in range 1900/2150 (1850/2200 with excesses).
- A path that fits high energy, inability to move vertically, Inability to crash as Macro data improving in the US, europe about to launch a QE and the fed delaying its rate hike

Trading conclusion:
- The assumption i made above is going to be tested in the next 3 weeks. The line would have to hold otherwise it is something else.
- If the path is right: we are going to have some fierce trading opportunities and the first leg is down with potentially a great rally starting in January that will lead to 2150/2200 in Mar15 which THE SHORT I have been hunting for a while.