FX:SPX500   S&P 500 index of US listed shares
My technical analysis is always about currencies, but SP500             is now bearish . I didn´t include Ichimoku to have a clean chart, but the technical picture is supported also by a Wolve Wave Pattern. I´m expecting 2040 area as first target and 1980 next.

6 Trading Rules :

1. Never add to a losing position .
2. Don´t be the first to buy low and sell high .
3. Think like a fundamentalist, trade like a technician .
4. Keep your analysis simple
5. Start small and increase exposure when trend is confirming your analysis
6. The hard trade is the right trade
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UPDATE : I´m reducing exposure at this level . I leave 25% of the position to reach 1980
Health Care and Consumer Discretionary have been some of the strongest sectors. An odd pair for sure when it should be industrial s, financials and oil for growth. Earnings coming up should be interesting
Hi julia17 and jpocalles! My count its a quite different but my targets are very similar (target1=2035, target2=1976).
Check: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/xZmAXUu6/
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Realisto_FX PRO PoneiBatata
Great, when several standpoints reach same conclusion ...that´s the right trade
i have the same target 1980.
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