Fibonacci Sequencing that you probably haven't seen before

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I have been deeply studying ancient geometry, Fibonacci sequencing, natural occurrences of Phi and Pi, the Egyptian cubit unit of measure, and so on. I feel that I am getting very close to gaining a much deeper understanding of how Phi interacts with market behavior. While my circles aren't perfect (hand-drawn), the ratios between each area equal 1.618 (Phi). I have no idea if there is any real significance to this method; however there seems to be significant inflections where Fibonacci circles intersect.

I chose the circle because it contains both Pi and Phi, which are significant Fibonacci numbers, and represent phases of a cycle. The geometric             shape of a circle bests represents a cycle completion, and we are (hypothetically) approaching what could be the completion of the current cycle. The circle contains 360 degrees. If we divide the circle into 6, 60 degree radians, we end up with each radian roughly equaling Phi. This is why I found 6 cycle phases interesting, which were are seeing now.

Currently, I have no idea what the significance of this means, and I will continue to research, as I feel that I am close to something significant. I will post more findings as they come to me. Enjoy.
Very interesting
Well you touched on why Fibonacci works with the Apple analysis (each level requires an increasing is exponentially more money that needs to come in to sustain each level). It's interesting but any news changes everything (see the flash crash from this week). A QE4Evah^2 might make the inflection point just another correction. Interesting though. Looks like we have to wait till summer.
Reply mojeauxgrey
You realize this chart goes back to the 2008 crash? News doesn't seem to matter. Growth patterns are what matters, and Phi is the most efficient method for growth.
Yes. I understood that - you've demonstrated it well. My point about news is that we are one attack away from a collapse (as AP Tweet Flash Crash showed and anytime Helicopter Ben hiccups). I think of it as a bicycle pedal: when the pedal is up and forward your foot propels things forward. As the pedal moves down and back the same forward & downward force is counterproductive. When we hit the inflection area you've drawn - QE may be inefficient as the market corrects, and any bad news which normally did nothing to the market will be explosive. Then once we leave the inflection point things will return to 'normal' or vice versa.
This is really cool!
I've seen these circle fibs on youtube - can't remember where, but you might want to do a search there if you're looking for more information
what happens you draw the the bigger (34) circle after the 21 circle (originating at the common point of all circles) .. and the (13) circle after the (8) circle (which is inside the (21) circle).
We might get a look at a much larger time frame? My hypothesis is that this method uses cycles of 6 circles (technically 7 but we do not count 1 as it is our starting point). If I am correct, all cycles complete once 6 fib circles have completed, and only if each circle equals phi. You have peaked my interest though, and I will go back further and see if these larger levels line up.
another thought that pops into my head is .. running a fibonnaci retracement, one point is the common point of all the circles, the diagonal retracement line connects all the common points of the other (cycles) circles something like this
very artistic.:)
so what happens now?
My guess, if my timing is correct (which I have no idea if it is) we chop around between 1500-1700 until late Q3-Q4 and then undergo a significant correction.
but they don't seem to be circle but an ellipse... which are variable in size, in the horizontal aspect.
It has something to do with the screen size and compression of the chart. Ellipses also work, look up PHI Ellipses.
These patterns persist constantly and consistently throughout nature. To think that the markets would be an exception to the universe is to be foolish. Keep up your research and I will appreciate the insights
you should add the next fib circles, this is a great chart! I am also interested in ancient geometry...
The I Ching was established using this code. It properly predicted history to the fall of the roman empire, up to ww1 and 2. All of life and anything found in it are subject to these universal patterns. It brings free choice into question as I do believe we are free to do as we please, I do however feel when the time is right, something will happen regardless of the person. This pattern is how our minds are structured so why is it so hard to imagine all our thoughts could be predictable based on the pattern alone.
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