SPY - bubble material

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The following is a study of SP500             action compared to copper             and OIL             .

It is clear form the chart, from a macro-economic point of view, that we are already in bubble territory.
Question is how much can it last and how can we profit from it, both sides.

The two last bubble we had in 2000 and 2007 lasted respectively 4 and 1.57 years, extending this divergence with copper             as shown in the chart. Today's bubble has theoretically lasted for 2,62 years (bearing with with copper             exclusively)

On the other hand since the last decade, OIL             prices have been exercising pressure on stock prices every time hits the blue area box.

But this has not been having same effect on the third signal we had in august, abnormal price action has clearly been confirmed by intensifying negative correlation to copper             . Ev