$STX almost 200% upside?

benjihyam Updated   
STXUSD is one of my favorite looking charts for upside potential. STX, $SYN $XRP and $MASK are all charts that I've been looking at that haven't run yet.

Therefore, I think they'll be the next set of coins to run after BTC pulls back.

If we look at the chart, you can see STX has broken out of a massive bull pennant and now has formed a bull flag. As long as STX stays within the flag structure, then I lean towards one more move down to test the lows at $.58-$.59 before breaking upwards.

If this were to play out like this, then you can expect between 180%-200% gains from an entry at support. If it breaks upwards sooner than that, then I still expect the targets to remain, you'll just see smaller gains.

Let's keep an eye on this for the next week to see if we can nail and entry and exit.
Looks like it's going to move towards the target soon