It looks like the end of lil' Siu's rampant growth is coming.
This little beauty studied well and pleased the teachers with her growth, but everything comes to an end and the holidays begin
- And we will witness the manifestation of her dark side -
It will be a hike down the social ladder for her - swashbuckling parties of wave A, a little respite in wave B and the last fall in wave C (I'm even a little jealous). A similar thing happened to Thomas Henry (Oscar Wilde)

Look at the chart, friends - I marked the ALT account in YELLOW, but GREEN movement is a priority.

Since wave 3 has been extended by as wave 5, the end of the correction may come in wave 2 of (3)

Green box - ist a SUGGESTION, I will update if I like :)


tap da rocket if u understand thy idea or just what I wrote
1.236 iz also acceptable, waitin' thy correction endz
Order cancelled:
I think correction endz. pitty
hmm, let me see

Some cool ideaz for free, BUuT^,
if u like my ideaz, please, spare some coin to TRXwllt, it will helps MUCH and I could EAT smthn' atleast:

AND finally! ;) post some signals there