TOMO serving a Coffee Lungo Cup

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Dear Listeners, Readers and Grey haired on their 30's, welcome to my first TV page. I've been on a regular TV but it's time to move on, right?
You will see these posts as Andrii Vision's, but sometimes I think my second name should be Groening. IYKYK.

So, let's go to the topic.

Shortly: TOMO : $0,9 BUY, $2,9 SELL

Ok, the signal lovers has already got for what they've been looking for, now more details for the deeper audience that I'm eager to gather here (If you know such people, just subscribe, comment, share your thoughts, let's create the better future together)

I really appreciate when the projects think long terms, use philosophy and heading to the guiding light that is creating the better world. And from what I can see and read, TOMO is the one. Besides the Blockchain, they've JUST (21st Aug) started TOMO Foundation, where you can read all the vision they have and the reasons of it. As well as they've began an ambassador's program, so they'll be shilled hard in the coming months.

As all of their tokens are already distributed (apart of those that are distributing as the block rewards to the miners) and the project started its path on 2018, their technicals are kind of repeating their vision's mechanics and forming a very long going structures.

As of now, I see such a huge Cup, that its handle take 4 months to be fully sculpted.

Zones of entering:
- Now (If the handle is actually the ascending triangle, not a flag)
- At $1-0,9 zone, if there will be a change to buy in

All of above, Foundation, Ambassador program, their activity on web just adds confidence into my words.

Share your opinions here, would love to see your takes or some more info about the project, too. Or, if you want me to become your ambassador, dear TOMO TEAMO, you know where to find me :)
Trade active:
We're almost at the Buy Area and there has already been some big buys on 1.08 recently.

Looking for my orders at 0.9-1 to be fulfilled.
Trade active:
We're at the Entrance, Do you Copy?
Trade active:
Now we're gonna move in a range of 1.1-0.95 for a week or so before we start going up naturally. Might see 0.87-ish as the floor price. I'd suggest to get in on that level pretty hard, I do believe this structure has to play out at least because of its perfect long-term formation, the news and the activeness of the ecosystem.

But don't forget it's crypto and everything can happen still, even on the perfect representatives of market.

P.S. I want to put pictures here but my rep is only on level 7 =(
Trade active:
Groening mode ON
✅ 0.96
❗Only One Update more.
If we will still fall below this level, I will reconsider to open a short position up to the levels of 0.72 USDT/0,000014BTC and then will find the new best entry point.
Trade active:
The previous week's candle closed right at the liquidity zone.
Expect some volatility over the course of the next one, where you can make several trades within the +15% -15% moves.
Trade active:
If this scenario will play out by creating the new Cup inside the handle of a bigger Cup, I will have to open a small cafe called TOMO in the form of the cup, So that people will come inside the cup to drink some coffee.

Open Call to look for Franchises over the Globe!

Trade active:
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Who have already sold some at the higher zone of the new "cup"?
Trade active:
Just take a look how perfectly shaped it is! Few days left till the perfect return to the handle resistance, + possible retest and breakout then.
Trade active:
Everything is Perfect!
As You see, we're out of the handle and already made almost 100% profit from the entry and fixed 50% to secure the profit.
Now what's next? We're retesting to the range 1.73-1.55 (already touched 1.73 but yet haven't got a reaction, so I suppose we'll go a bit deeper.
And then - loading the rocket or going down in Nov. THAT's why I've secured 50% and will look into the chart in the next days to make the decision. Will Update it here.

If you have your ideas - Feel free to comment below!

And here we are at the retest zone! In the best scenario, we're testing 1.6, or around 1,45 min and bouncing up!
If No, the long awaited vapour from our coffee cup might transform into water and drop down all the way to the handle's bottom
SO as the time has passed, now we see the cup's handle cleaner.
As I said, one of our scenarios came into place and now we're here:
Now, with the huge spike of the BTC and ETH with the news regarding ETFs by Blackrock, the pretty downward move has followed up.
TOMO made a touchdown at 1.08, the buying in isn't yet too strong


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