Toncoin Fundamental and Technical Analysis πŸ“Š

OKX:TONUSDT   Toncoin/Tether
Fundamental Strengths of Toncoin:
Large User Base: Nearly 900 million active Telegram users can potentially join the TON network.
Super App Potential: With Telegram's support, TON could become the first super crypto application.
Community Potential: The large community brought in through a subsidiary project within the TON network shows high potential.
Pavel Durov's Vision: As a symbol of decentralization, Pavel Durov promotes freedom and does not own personal property like a house.
Ease of Integration: TON's in-network payments can be easily integrated into daily life.
Open Source Advantage: The open-source nature of the TON blockchain allows projects to easily launch their ideas on the network, increasing the demand for TON.
Telegram Bots: Using bots within Telegram requires TON.
Ad Revenue: Telegram's new ad revenue model for public channels is conducted with TON payments.

Dependency on Telegram: The success of TON is heavily linked to Telegram. Any issues with Telegram could significantly impact TON.
Note: TON and Telegram are separate entities, at least on paper. The information provided is for awareness only and does not constitute financial advice.

Technical Analysis of Toncoin:
After a parabolic move from $2.50 to $7.140, TON entered a corrective box.

Box Range: $7.140 to $4.800
The price once corrected to the 38% Fibonacci level of the previou
s wave but failed to break the ceiling after a good reaction, which is not very encouraging.

Buying Strategies for Toncoin:
Breakout and Stabilization: Buy after a breakout and stabilization above $7.140 with a stop loss below the box.
Support Levels: In case of a correction, if the price falls to the $4.2 or $3.4 area, which are key support levels (Fibonacci 0.5 and 0.707), consider buying if there's a good reaction.
For Long-Term Holders:
Those who bought at $2.50 along with me, I will continue to hold long-term.
If you're uncomfortable, you can set your stop loss below $4.8 ❀️.
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