BATS:TPC   Tutor Perini Corporation
Tutor is setting up nicely after breaking out from an inverse H&S bottom. Good entry on a pullback to $13. Potential resistance levels seen on chart. Risk management says stop if a break of the middle of the previous range is broken. I'd set it to follow just below the 50 DMA as it's curling up which should help stall a downward move and give time for re-evaluation if needed.


Just a preference. I suppose for some it's jumbled. But if you look at the carved out sections, it breaks it into manageable pieces. As for indicators, I like 3 to confirm the direction I'm seeing in price action. MA's are the triggers, RSI and MACD for momentum, and TRIX for overall direction strength. Money flow helps counter flaws in volume analysis.

Fib's give the horizontal levels, trend lines show direction and breakout potential. Black trend lines are for target levels. Hope that helps explain the madness you see in the chart.
I wonder how anyone could ever see something from the chart such overloaded with indicators