NYSE:TUP   Tupperware Brands Corporation
$TUP. Yes, I buy Tupperware. In fact, my pantry is known for being as handsome a pantry as ever. I also know that their growth is on a nine week rotation at all times and if they miss on a colorway they can have product rejection more based on voo-doo than their sales you-do. Please follow me here on TradingView, the best charting platform for real people that love the market. Sincerely, Beauty


A great interview with tons of power points on $TUP. 3900 stores in China. Every 1.4 seconds there is a Tupperware Party taking place in the world. 30% - 40% growth in middle class emerging markets. CEO is an attendee of the World Economic Forum.
$TUP As a follow-up, $76.22 needed to hold, in my opinion and observations and was we press the chart forward in time from entering the name you can see that this line has had movement from it for what is deemed, the classic bounce. Sincerely, Beauty