TWLO finally breaking

JenRz Updated   
NYSE:TWLO   Twilio Inc.
I got a target on this one early this month and finally it's breaking toward it. I have negative energy on it with both the "breakdown" and "waterfall" options in my dowsing. I do get there will be a "pop and drop", but that might be later today as I expect a reversal around 12:45 in indexes. TWLO, ultimately, should go back down.

My first target in the original reading was $53. Now though, I'm getting $55, so be careful around there. I'm recognizing a very cool thing in my work after the QQQ reading yesterday is, if I get the option of "reaches target", trust it'll get there.
I did get that for TWLO today.
Be aware in the original reading on 7/5 I had a date come of Aug. 17, but today I get Aug 7th.
There are often interesting reversals of moves around dates.
Liking this action as it's testing and rejecting the 50 day moving average from BELOW. I'm still getting a level of 53 and advice is "breakdown", as well as "pop and drop". That could mean intraday, or tomorrow, I just don't know, but it has been selling off on pops anyway, so should continue.
This has taken far too long for my liking, but earnings tonight so I checked in. It still says 53 will hit, and I believe it. There may be some move up either into the close or tomorrow, but it will reverse back down.
Omg, if TWLO only hits the target in the after hours, that is BS and doesn't count! I will have to get super clear about my intention.
The low as of now is $52.44... Complete rip higher after hitting it and got above $63. Hmm. I'd have to say this idea is pretty much over. I'll give it into tomorrow because you never know, and will do a reading. I suspect it's done though.
yes, it was done after the target was hit in the after hours.


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