UGAA & USO - 4 year divergence but will it continue?

BATS:UGA   United States Gasoline Fund LP
Fundamentally gas prices have consistently outstripped oil prices for the last four years as the chart illustrates very well. The question is why.

We will not comment extensively on the reasons, but only list a few that the companies themselves blame for the continued increase in pump prices: Closures of refineries, supposed maintenance issues, hurricanes, etc, etc, etc. The real fundamental is the ability to profit. Which they are doing rather nicely.

Technically the chart is pretty plain If you are having difficulty understanding the chart analysis, read our other published analysis and it will become very clear.

There are other entries and targets on the shorter time-frame charts that can;t be displayed here. This chart has all the information needed to hedge and profit against future pump prices.

Targets above present price are for longs, below are for shorts.


1st target reached on UGA and USO. Quick moves. $3+ move in a couple days.

Day charts apparently only update at end of day. Strange behavior, doesn't show accurately on chart.