What a 40% win rate gets you, all profit is in the R:R

FX:USDCAD   U.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar
I mentioned on another site that I'm in a usdcad weekly short (as illustrated) but what people don't know is that I'm a swing trader that uses something similar to scalping risk management techniques. It's really hard to explain but very simple to do. I could not teach the technique to anyone because it's the way I learned to interact with the market over many years. It's not like just trying to catch runners. Beginners may think 40% winR is low but for me 20% would be low, 55% would be very high. By looking at the figures on the chart you can see my reward is 3.55, but that's the low point across the board. Out of all the winning pairs for the month gbpjpy is highest at 4.4 followed by nzdusd at 4.21 and the lowest being cadjpy at 2.37. All the others are 0, except eurusd , which is slightly below 0 but definitely not 1. All the profit happens in the R:R, very simple, but hard to execute without practice. Not forex, but in other markets I can do 85 to 100% daily win rate but on a trade by trade basis contained within a day, it's still about 40%. In forex I can't do 85 to 100% daily win rate, no way, but monthly, sure thing. I know people that hit that number daily but they are going for about 25 pips per day, not looking for the HTF swing trades. In May I made 62.82% but so far this month I'm at 6.82%. I like to hit 10% per month just for my own peace of mind.
Trade active: Not low point, but mid point across the board.