USDCHF-two long term bulllish flags

FX:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar/Swiss Franc
443 10 10
After a bullish run this pair is clearly consolidating and forming a bullish flag .
This pattern usually suggests a trend continuation. MACD divergence shows a bullish pressure.
We can see two possible poles and two possible targest shown on the chart.
Its a good idea to take some profits near 1.000

good view but I think it will not be now . on the 4 h see the head and shoulders and consider your scenario if the H&S fails or will finish the move .
FullTimeTrader AndreicaAdrian
hello, this is a long term setup, i agree the USD is weak this days, its is a necesarry correction. After that will regain strenght because of fundamentall reasons. May be we will have some positive news this wednesday on the FOMC statement. The technicals also support this bias. I expecto the level 0.95 to hold. Anyway the R/R ratio is very good to enter at current price
fundamental let's watch the moves , alot of investors still buy the chf and negative news for the usd will buy more chf-s ... let's see
That's interesting how you are able to see bullish flags when this chart is the most USD-bearish pair of all the usd pairs.
Do you see what is on the screen or you see what you want to see?
agree it was a gd RR thus i did enter since 0.95 was tested many times. Alas, weakness in USD overcame this one. However, long run this is still a good pair to long. Have you tried a bullish flag formation here since it is trading below 0.95 already. I will be very bullish if it can break above 0.97 - what do you think?
FullTimeTrader sugardaddyFED
Long term im still bullish but i will look for an entry near the current price, there are some harmonic patterns developing. The 0.97 level is too far for me... Look the EURUSD chart for clues, they are negative correlated. I will publish a post about this.
sugardaddyFED PRO FullTimeTrader
that will be much appreciated-new with forex-mainly a metal man