FX_IDC:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
anticipated price reaching and rejecting 50% off OB (seen illustrated with free drawn red line) and it had already played out (113.89), then rejecting around 111.230 , when looking at LTF .. all happened quicker than i had expected but has played out well for intraday.

Expecting further downside in weeks to come

Green line shows bullish play if bearish predictions don't go to plan, but not as detailed yet
Comment: bearish play would support a fill of liquidity to 106.7, where a BR has formed
Comment: BR also has confluence of previous OB (2016/7/20), which could potentially act as a reclaimed block
Comment: Green free hand drawn line shows overside of price if bearish side didn't play out, so currently expecting price to reach to 116.320