CBOE VIX: Past, Present and Future

CBOE:VIX   Volatility S&P 500 Index
The first VIX , introduced by the CBOE in 1993, was a weighted measure of the implied volatility of eight S&P 100 at-the-money put and call options. Ten years later, it expanded to use options based on a broader index, the S&P 500 , which allows for a more accurate view of investors' expectations on future market volatility . VIX values greater than 30 are generally associated with a large amount of volatility as a result of investor fear or uncertainty, while values below 20 generally correspond to less stressful, even complacent, times in the markets.

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Lot of money developing natural gas economies.. if this shall fail, we will revist new highs in the VIX
Comment: Europe is more than likely to see a bust. European countries are rallying to leave the single currency EURO.


Can you please elaborate more on the euro and europe bust?
Great Chart
Very interesting
Nice chart, but...you forgot that, Nostradamus are predicting Bear market after 21 December 2013... so...I will be surprise to see people investing in stocks, as the world end :)
QuantitativeExhaustion Montreal_Day_Trading
Yep, can't argue with Nostradamus.

However, there has been this pattern in the market for some time. If you believe in the EW Grand Super Cycle, then this cycle stops and Nostradamus is correct. -- Major Revolutionary Revolt and Crash
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:) Will See lol:) have a good day!