After a slight weekend run up in price it appears for the moment we are about to re-enter a consolidation period. With BTC making new highs intra day traders that are looking to go into Fiat at higher BTC prices will be inclined to sell, however those looking to increase their BTC position or VRC position will be seeing the opportunity knock and strike when inclined. This may provide for some interesting intra-day volitility in the next week to ten days, and I completely expect VRC to be looking at new local highs within the next 4-5 weeks after consolidation.

As always, trade your own account. I am not any Market maker or any professional trader, I offer you no delusions of grandeur or false promises. Instead I just share what I see, and what I think.

Aside from the trading aspect, if you are unfamiliar with the Vericoin Project below are some useful resources.

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