$VXRT to $55 this year?

JenRz Updated   
NASDAQ:VXRT   Vaxart, Inc. - Common Stock
I do dowsing and sometimes I let my pendulum pick stocks. I also let it pick important dates for stocks or the market.
Way back in July of 2021 I I got this stock and it told me to check on it in January of 2023. I've been doing this awhile, but don't have a big record of instances this far out in time to know what to expect, but so far, this thing has been rallying all month.

When I asked what the highest price is and I got that it is 54 POINTS. I asked this on 1/4... I follow up, will this thing hit $50? and get and easy "definitely". So, idk what the hell happens for sure, but it might be better than a lottery ticket!

For kicks I just asked again now, how high a price this year and get 52. What is the number 52 as relates to VXRT? POINTS! AGAIN and fewer even to account for the recent move up, perhaps.
I also am getting the date this month of 1/25 heavy in this. Possibly news? It could be the 26th too, but I think 25.
I'll update closer to this date.
There's another date as I ask what year and month to expect a price like that and get June/July this year.

In the past I've gotten unbelievable numbers. VXX comes to mind as an example. Last year I did a reading on it and had that it was going to move 14... I always follow up with a reference for what the number is that I'm being given... 14 what? Points!
I thought this would occur over a period of time until I saw news only a day or 2 later and there was some issue with the VXX product, which caused it to spike up, and it did go up $14 or more even. I just knew to not dismiss things after that and to ask more questions.
I hope VXRT is for realz to $50 cuz that would just be un-freaking-believable!
So I didn't post about this stock for days, and I finally do and have an epiphany while lying in bed last night, "What if it's CENTS instead of POINTS/$?! Literally there's 52 cents from the low to high NOW and I get this'll reverse for now. I'll update closer to the date of the 25th to see what's up.
Good lesson on penny stocks!


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