Wish Stock 2022 prospect

NASDAQ:WISH   ContextLogic Inc
I think NASDAQ:WISH will be successfully to get to price target of 5$ till the end of 2022 and even might test $7 moving forward BTEOY.

My analysis is based on:
  • VOL Profile fundamentals.
  • The fact that WISH is undervalued in current levels IMO and by some more analysts.
  • $3 is their all time low(young stock) and they after devastated year which new stocks like wish which got big hype in the start of 2020 got smashed this year (Maybe with good reason).
  • WISH improve their product offer and going to squeezy more $ from their users.
  • Earnings and Growth are BIG questions cause it will depend on the economic changes that we are going to face in the coming year where FED changes interest rates which will directly affect on the 5 W's (what/who/why/when/where) for people mind set, the "Buy via the WEB" will be tested in the coming era. And in my opinion WISH that offers low budget products can find her self gets attention from a lot of people which will try to get more products (basic things) with less expenses.

Anyway, for short term guys WISH are at the bottom now so any change they will make will be counted as positive news, like getting new CEO for example.

This my own idea and I'm not advising anyone getting into this stock which comes with HIGH Risk.