MY view on WorkHorse . Trade for a month.

PTO Updated   
NASDAQ:WKHS   Workhorse Group, Inc.

I'm starting my accumulation of WKHS .
This trade like any its tricky and can be very volatile. I selected areas on the chart that are important zones and can act as resistance and or support in the future .

Trade is based on short squeeze idea . This stock its currently under big short float above 40% .. last week was at 48% so some players are taking foot of the short gas .
Institutional holdings are 45.8 % so we can assume most of these shorts are institutional . I understand the approach they had with the play and for WKHS not getting a deal was the trigger on their play .

However we know that some players liking to play shorted stocks and we can see play on this soon , If this company see any positive news this will start moving fast and it will move faster if we are start getting some moves on it ,

This play its for a longer time frame maybe even month .
My first fill was 13.88 .

Let me know what you think ..

Cheers and see you next time .
Trade active:

If we see any dip on this I'm adding to my current position ,

This will start moving to the upside soon, Patience .... is the key with this one ,
Trade active:
Added to my position this morning @ 16.65 . Holding everything ,
Trade closed manually:
Cutting the trade loose . locking small profits .
15.65 .