WTI medium to long term swing

wti can not last long at this price ? I believe short term we may see a little more down trend but it needs to be up near the $40's for production costs etc, i will prob enter on a buy stop around the $20 and be looking to take profits around the $30,$40,$50 and even $60 mark but thats me stoploss wise id not like to see it hit below $17 but to be safe ill be placing around $15 also be ready to watch USDCAD drop massive when this starts to rise
Comment: wow what a start to the week !! oil has fallen to lows I do think id ever see ! I have now entered the market at below my target stop loss and will up date the drawing if i can but now stoploss will be around 10 which is a massive swing from first entry but at the end of the day will still need oil all be it