OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Looking into gold longer term, this is a strategy i have gotten and developed, gold has already taken off from the golden zone where i have highlighted the green rectangle . Looking into gold in the longer term, it could be used as a currency again, if there is a economic crash, the US economy will fall and since gold is a safe haven, many investors will put their money into gold as if its a bank but even better, they get to hugely profit! The only way gold will become cheaper if gold mining increases, there is not much chance for that as people would not want to work in scandalous conditions for little pay... Jobs are evolving out there, we have all realised how we can work remotely during this corona virus pandemic. We have all witnessed how the price of gold will not decline even if there is an economic crash, just like how the dow fell and crashed during the pandemic. I have one swing outlook on gold and then catch it in intradays, that way you know where pullbacks will be and which way the market wants to move in general. Happy trading! 25/04/2020