Potential trend-change based on timing levels

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Playing with circles can make you crazy.
But sometimes the circles can reveal some interesting findings too.
Let's see.
Comment: Something is cooking in the air.
Comment: Crawling
Comment: For this idea to be correct, gold should retrace significantly from current level.
Ideally a big ugly retracement spike today. Let's see.
So, what would be the explanation???
Viking83 PRO showerreport
@showerreport, You go investigate that! :)
@showerreport, Seems Viking things he has a secret... but it's not. The purple is a fib ratio at 2.168 squeezed down because V83 is measuring 2 points or Low to Low and seeing a ratio in relationship to the points and fib level. He considers the price to experience resistance and roll short into the next time and price elements it displays on the tool.
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perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, V83 is relating the former measurement of the Fib Circle to the far left as a reference point to gauge periodical cycles of price action.
So his pressing the fib circle is extending rations and points like ellipticals...and periods of possible change and levels of resistance. However, his knowledge is, the market will have a "sense" of respect, and then it may not. But he is trying to replicate in short, what WD Gann taught, but this is not it. V83 is a hybrid of WD Gann, Carol Borden, and fib time an implied personal view.

it is creative, but hit and miss. I hope it works for him.
Viking83 PRO perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Knowledgable you are. I have great interest in time-price research but I am quite a new student to the field.
@Viking83, If you READ, "Tunnel Thru the Air" by Gann... his personal comments will begin teaching. However, it will take 3 reads of the book to begin sensing his actual views. As a trader, Gann was the FIRST to understand the Egyptian pyramids regarding the nature of space-time. 1 step up the pyramid is 1 day or 1 degree the Sun/earth movement one to another.
365 steps up, 1 solar year. Therefore, 4 corners of the pyramid make a 3D triangle, thus squaring of time, 4 seasons of change, and 4 solstice per year.
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Relating to Planets, he does mention astrology in the book. He is trying to say: math, not characteristics of humans. Sequences and process of numbers thru time.

Just as a clock has minutes, hours, days...and each time frame can be considered 360 degrees of time...
We can then say, 24 hours = 360 degrees of time: 360/24 = 15 degrees or 1 hour.

Just as the moon takes 29.5 days to return to its original position to the earth, moving eastward every day 13.2 degrees.
The celestial sphere appears to turn 1 degree about every 4 minutes, the Moon crosses our celestial meridian about 13.2 x 4 = 52.8 minutes later each day.

Thus why software exists that plots out the paths and aspects of planets to an helio or geocentric point of view.
The universe is a giant field of relationships, position, and energy in their relative cycles forming time.

Thus why you were seeking to use the fib circle and extensions. You're seeking to relate to things in cycles of motions as planets and moons. The "short cut" method you picked up on, is not what Gann was teaching. Gann was a math nut.
He did more than most because HIS BRAIN WAS TRAINED TO DO IT, not the charts and paper. The charts he made were results of HIS TRAINED SKILLS HE ACQUIRED THRU INTENSE STUDY.

Sine waves, harmonic cycles exist...when the conditions are present. Thus why they won't occur when other relationships are in play, distorting the cycles and timing on smaller time frames. You don't need to know everything...just don't regret you have the time to study harder now...and become great one day, or regret you did not do the difficult work of transformation to maturity in skills. Your heart will remind you, your trade account will tell you: Don't live undisciplined and unskilled. Let brain cells ache by studying to prove what is the good and acceptable will of God. WD Gann understood those words well...and his 1000% a month over 3 months performance by Wyckoff is evidence of how far we can go!
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
"If we know the cause of the effect, then there can be no doubt about predicting the future event or effect. I have always looked for causes and when once I determine a cause I can always be sure of the effect or future event which I predict."
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, WD Gann
“I have found that in the stock it’s self exists its harmonic or inharmonious relationship to the driving power or force behind it. The secret of all its activity is therefore apparent. By my method I can determine the vibration of each stock and also, by taking certain time values into consideration, I can, in the majority of cases, tell exactly what the stock will do under given conditions.”
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Gann was not noting fib ratios. He was noting the price action and holding it to progressions of time to angles...and by his models (Sq of 9, Cycles of 12, 36, 51, 144, etc) he related periodicity (Hurst cycles, Sentinel, and understood how energy forces interact with resistance... working within itself...until gravity will expedite prices at the right time and move to the trending angles periodically, not because fib extensions say so.
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, WD Gann...
"This pattern is said to emerge as a result of "discontinuities in the perpetual process of expansion and contraction within the cosmos." The discontinuities are the function of "the Law of 7, and the forces of expansion and contraction are a function of the Law of 3."
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Law of 3...Triangle = Square (base of 4D triangle), influenced by contraction (gravity) and expansion, then a Heptagon has 7 sides
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading

This may be more WD Gann reality...minus planets.
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading

We can conclude in the Fibonacci present, yet proportions and periodicals. Lines are geometry based on price and as all things are 4 dimensional, you learn to draw 4 dimensional on a 2 dimensional chart.
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading

Note the accuracy? It's too accurate...thus why it's closer to "Tunnel thru the air".

We do not discount square roots and derivatives of .62, 1.62 ratios. We know they exist as air.

Air = space...the fabric of the whole chart

Tunnel = geometric angles in relationships..anniversary dates (major highs and lows)

Thru = price motion in reflection to the point of origin and cycles of time in relationships

WD Gann stated, Ezekiel 21:30 "In the place where thou wast created, in the land of thine origin,
Will I judge thee."

“I have been studying the Bible night and day for many years, and I believe that I have found in it the key to all prophecy, -- the rules foretelling the events in the history of the country, the progress in the invention, and the rules for forecasting the future of stocks and commodities.”

147th Psalm, 4th Verse: “He tellest the number of stars, he callest them all by name."
I believe the wise men of the East, the astrologists before the birth of Jesus Christ, knew where and when he would be born by the study of the stars".

Therefore we can conclude, WD Gann understood things as the universe related to itself: embodiments of energy, a process to motion, and periods of time. What are the causes, what effects and a future will be what is inherent in its seed

Gann also stated, "Faraday said:-’There is nothing in the universe but mathematical points of force.’
perspectives4trading perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, go build some brain cells...

In 1921 Mr. Gann predicted that President Harding would be a war President, and he still holds to that prediction.
“I hope I am wrong,” he said, “but the forecast still stands and has until 1924 to be fulfilled and mathematics do not lie.”

Mr. Gann predicted the election of Woodrow Wilson because the cycle had come back again to a man with a name beginning with W and ending with N.  Washington having been the first and last President with those two letters placed in that way.

WD Gann was studious, disciplined, well trained. Now go, and be likewise...or you may have regrets.
Viking83 PRO perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Thank you for your time, information and references p4t. Mostly appreciated. I actually found all his books that he provided his students on his reading list, except 3, on Scribd. However, it's quite so comprehensive material that spans within numerology, astrology and mathematics, fields that I am not quite familiar with yet. However, his knowledge was undoubtful powerful and could relate all things in a greater whole. Not only in trading, but understanding of life itsef. Brain cells to be constructed. Mission initiated :)
@Viking83, Congratulations, God was waiting on for you to move forward because you are important, special, and valuable.

Now be aware, you are not WD Gann... you can't be him.

Therefore, the journey is an educational sport. Get knowledge and with all your getting, get understanding.
Gann had knowledge, yet he gained understanding over time. He studied 10 years straight, then 3 years studied charts...implied his knowledge and gained understanding...learned to be creative...and applying it to charts.

Your brain will argue with your mind. You will feel compulsion and restrained brain cells develop, they lack other cells that hold other elements of the internal frustration will occur. This is normal, like weight lifting. You will press and stretch and feel restrained. Just keep seeking, asking, and knocking on the door of wisdom.
Your brain will catch up later...thru time, experience, and experimentation.

The path of Gann is where many traders fail to finish. Glean what is important to you, repeatable to you, and works for you. Find your place and manner as a professional. Be the best at doing what you alone can do.

I cannot be you, as a trader, therefore I cannot place your trades or manage them as you will. Yet, we can facilitate process...perceive the same things, if we follow the same guidelines. WD Gann has a core approach to analysis.

Glean, gain, experiment, learn and mature...never be concerned about profits.

Be focused on learning and profits will come automatically...from wisdom and understanding.
MetalCruisers perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Gann was a great salesman indeed. Se how he got you. :)

Sorry TP, you feel this way.

Are you a full-time professional trader?

Many scalpers, distaste Ganns work.

I believe trading is simple...and I agree scalping can be profitable.
To observe higher highs, lower lows, and patterns....less work, less knowledge required.

Traders who follow indicators and other simple factors tend to scalp, do what is best for you, with what you know.

Scalpers are happy to trade 2-3 contracts, take 5-15 ticks hoping things follow thru.

If a scalper risks 2%... 20 wins and 8 losing trades. How does that look on the account? $2-3k gains.

Another technique applying a 2% risk, may lose 20 times and win 8 times...gains of +20-30k.

How you work and what you learn...each will receive their own reward.

Matthew 13:24-43

perspectives4trading perspectives4trading

Tell me about the commentator in the video... his mental disposition...
Viking83 PRO perspectives4trading
@perspectives4trading, Well, he is obviously interested in the recorded phenomena. But he leaves further investigation on the field to "researchers" and not himself.

Well spoken, Proverbs 25:2

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter."
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it shows time to go down by tomorrow...
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